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Corporate Wellbeing:

When you invest in corporate wellbeing, you are investing in the future of your business. Keeping your employees fit. happy and healthy is crucial in today's corporate environment.

There has been a rise of 122% in reported workplace illness, with 1.3 million people each year suffering work- related ill health. Some of the health concerns experienced include stress and lifestyle related diseases such as cardiovascular disease.

How corporate wellbeing can benefit your business:

A corporate wellbeing strategy does not just manage ill health - its measurable benefits include:

Investing in corporate wellbeing can put you at the top of the list as an employer of choice.

We can help you build a corporate wellbeing programme that actively reduces your employees' health risks, improves quality of life both at work and home, and delivers a tangible benefit to your organisation's bottom line.It's all part of the Nuffield Health service.

Corporate Health Package:

We take a highly personalised approach to complete physical & psychological health and wellbeing for each of our executive clients. In doing so, we understand that each is unique and as such, we have designed a fully comprehensive and unique healthcare solution for clients at executive level. Whether you are a key player of a major corporation, or you are interested to partner with us on a self-pay basis, we will make it relevant to you.

Packages Includes:

Pre-Employment Check-up Pre-employment check-ups are generally conducted as a safety and occupational preventive measure, which plays a deciding role in hiring the suitable employee or not.

Executive Health Check-up Executive health check-ups playa very vital role for corporate purposes. These quick medical assessments enable in faster detections of ailments which can be squashed within the shortest span of time. After the future of the company ls'dependent on the wellbeing of their employees for better performance.