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    List of 220+ Foods Tested at AED 949/-


    Buffalo Milk, Cow's Milk, Egg White,Casein Egg Yolk, Goat Milk And Many More


    Crab, Oyster, Cockle, Eel, Lobster, Prawn, Cutilefish, Octopus, Salmon And Many More


    Apple, Banana, Blackberry, Blackcurrant, Blueberry, Cherry, Cranberry Date, Grape, Guava, Lemon, Mango, Orange, Papaya, Tomato, Watermelon And Many More


    Corn (Maize), Malt, Millet, Oat, Rice, Rye Flour,Wheat And Many More


    Aloe Vera, Clove, Coriander (Leaf), Curry (Mixed Spices), Garlic, Ginger, Red Chilli, Rosemary, Saffron, Thyme, Vanila, Cinnamon, Mustard Seed And Many More


    Beef, Billy Goat, Chicken, Lamb, Pork, Ox And Many More


    Almond, Cashew Nut, Coconut, Peanut Pine Nut, Pistachio, Walnut And Many More


    Beet Root, Bean (Broad), Bean (Green), Cabbage, Carrot, Cauliflower, Cucumber, Gourd, Onion, Potato, Radish, Soya Bean, Spinach And Many More


    Cane Sugar, Cocoa Bean, Coffee, Honey, Mushroom, Sesame Seed, Tea (Black), Sunflower Seed, Yeast And Many More

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    Food Intolerance can manifest itself in many ways ranging from:

    • Headache
    • Arthritis and Joint Pain
    • Fatigue
    • Autoimmune Diseases
    • Itchy Skin (Eczema)
    • Chronic Respiratory Symptoms
    • insomnia (Wheezing or Bronchitis)
    • Migraines
    • Abdominal Pain
    • Depression
    • Bowel Problems (Colitis, Diarrhoea, Constipation)
    • Skin Problems
    • Sinusitis
    • Weight Problems / Obesity
    • Persistent Cough
    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome


    As an essential Wellness test, food intolerance testing is recommended for all at least twice in their life time, once around 10- 25 years and again around the 50th year. You could also choose this test for yourself and your family if you notice any common signs of intolerance like fatigue, breathlessness, lethargy, headaches, bloating and abdominal discomfort especially in the - time period following a meal. A fairly simple blood sample and no requirement of fasting before make this an extremely convenient test for a better energetic life'.


    First Protein Microarray test which can detect more than 2200+ foods IgG in single step. Unlike other tests, it requires a minimum volume of blood sample and has a higher sensitivity as compared to other available technologies such as ELISA. The test comprises of a comprehensive list of more than 200 foods in European, American and Asian diets including India.

    Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

    1This is the 1sIs gluten-free the same as wheat-free?t question
    No. A product can be wheat-free but not gluten-free and vice versa. Products are available that are both gluten-free and wheat-free, but it is important to read the ingredients label to be certain. The FoodPrint IgG antibody test uses wheat, barley and rye food extracts that do not contain gluten and this i tested separately as gliadin (a storage protein found in gluten-based grains). If your Test Report shows an ELIVATED reaction to gliadin, it is important to eliminate any foods that contain gluten-based grains and substitute with naturally gluten-free foods, such as quinoa, buckwheat, corn, oats and wild rice. If Test Report shows an ELIVATED result for wheat, rye or barley, but NOT for gliadin, the reaction may be due to one of the other proteins found in the grains.
    2Why is gliadin tested separately to gluten?
    The FoodPrint test uses water-soluble food extracts to detect food-specific IgG antibodies, Crain extracts, however, do not contain gliadin (gluten) because gliadin is only soluble in alcohol and cannot be extracted with the rest of the grain. For this reason, gliadin is tested separately.
    3I have been avoiding foods for several months / years. Will this affect my result?
    The FoodPrint IgG antibody test is based on the immune system’s ability to produce antibodies in response to certain foods. If a food has been avoided for more than 3 months, it is likely that IgG antibody levels will be insufficient to be detected by the test and may give a NORMAL result. To test intolerance to a certain food, it should be included in the daily diet, or at lease every other day, for 4-6 weeks before testing However, if the food concerned is known to cause extreme symptoms/discomfort, do not reintroduce it.
    4Do I need to have a re-test after a few months?
    Most people do not need to have a re-test, but if you would like to tae another test, we advise a period of 6 months between tests. If symptoms have improved and you have successfully reintroduced ‘problem’ foods, a re-test is unnecessary.
    5Why do I react against a food that I have never eaten?
    It is occasionally observed that patients react to foods that they are convinced they have never eaten. Although not unusual, it is not attributable to a false positive result, but instead a ‘cross-reaction’ with another food. Some foods contain identical antigens [food proteins], even though they are not related to each other and / or do not belong to the same food group. These identical food proteins will be detected by the same antibody, thus producing an ELIVATED result. Visit for more information regarding cross reactions. The food we ear often contains ingredients which we are unaware of especially if it is highly processed, and so we may be consuming foods such as Agar Agar on a daily basis and this could be the reason for a reaction when the FoodPrint test is done.
    6What if I don’t experience any improvement at all?
    If, after changing your diet according to the test results, improvements have not been achieved after 3 months, food intolerance is unlikely to be the cause of your symptoms and other investigations should be undertaken. Results of the FoodPrint IgG antibody test are intended as a guide to diet alteration only and should be complementary to advice form a healthcare professional.
    7If cow’s milk is elevated does this mean I am lactose intolerant?
    No. Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest lactose, the major sugar found in milk, and is caused by a deficiency of the enzyme lactase. The FoodPrint test detects IgG mediated food intolerance caused by the specific proteins found In milk, but does not detect the lactase enzyme and . therefore, cannot diagnose lactose intolerance.
    8Is it possible to be affected by foods that are not detected by the FoodPrint test?
    Some foods may cause a classic allergic reason involving the production of IgE antibodies (Type I allergy). These will not be detected by the FoodPrint test as it detects IgG antibodies. There are also many foods that can cause a reaction in the body without involving the immune system, but produce symptoms similar to IgG reactions: amines found in chocolate, cheese and red wine may cause migraines, some food additives such as tartrazine, can trigger hives, rashes and asthma, monosodium glutamate (MSG) found in restaurant/take-away food can produce sweating and dizziness; ‘Nightshade’ alkaloids in potatoes, tomatoes and peppers may affect the joints. Food intolerance may also be due to a deficiency of a particular enzyme, such as in lactose intolerance. Avoid foods if you suspect they are causing adverse effects.
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