PH Diagnostics epitomizes excellence in the latest diagnostic tests, dependable services and precise outcomes. It is a name that is venerated and relied upon not just by medical practitioners but also by patients and healthcare advisors for their routine health checkups and medical diagnostic needs.

The PH Diagnostics establishment is driven by the principle of providing advanced healthcare services with uncompromising vigilance to the people of Dubai. Its groundbreaking technological advancements and globally recognized accurate reports have created a lasting impact in the Dubai market. We aim to offer complete solutions to your medical needs, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities under one roof, providing superior diagnostic services and quality-driven experiences, making us the ultimate one-stop diagnostic center for all your requirements.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence in healthcare enables us to provide affordable radiology services and special blood tests that are conducted in our laboratory without compromising on quality and accuracy. We also offer full body health checkup packages at a more than 50% discount to ensure the good health of your family at all times, making us the preferred diagnostic center for thousands of happy and healthy families in the UAE.

PH Diagnostics promises convenience, value, reliability, innovation, and most importantly, trust. We aim to redefine your diagnostic experience, as we have a thorough understanding of healthcare that is unparalleled. Moreover, we are associated with all major insurance companies in Dubai.

With our convenient location, friendly assistance, professional technicians, state-of-the-art infrastructure, accurate same-day reports, and much more, we are not just a unique diagnostic center, but your trusted friend when it comes to healthcare.


"Serving our present, Caring for our future" To promote, restore and maintain the health of all people we serve.


To be the best recognized Global Premier Diagnostic Centre of choice for community and healthcare professional's diagnostic needs.


We take pride in being one of the leading healthcare service provider in Dubai having achieved remarkable growth over the last one year and contributing significantly to the medical fraternity of Dubai. The Centre has attained prominence as a leader in the field of Medical Diagnostic service through competence, competitiveness and timely delivery with highest quality standards and recognized safety performance.

We have a long tradition of serving our valued customers to their complete satisfaction through efficient management and excellent service, which we continue to maintain with our untiring efforts.

In an era of advanced technologies and new techniques, we continuously strive for innovation and enhanced efficiency. Offering services spanning a wide range of Medical Diagnostic tests like MRI, CT scan, Pathology, Health Check ups, Corporate wellness, BMD, Mammography, X Ray, CBCT, OPG and Ultrasound, PH Diagnostics is the preferred choice of many clients because of its reliability and commitment to quality and timely execution.

As we look to the years ahead we renew our pledge to remain committed to excellence, keep abreast of changes and innovations, adopt better management and diagnostic techniques and successfully overcome all challenges before us.

Dr. Hemant Dhoka


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