Gender Reveal Test in Dubai

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    Sneak Peek Early Gender test

    99.9% accuracy test as early as 6 weeks of pregnancy as per Ultrasound.

    Sneak Peek Early Gender - AED 599

    Early Gender DNA test as early as 6 weeks of pregnancy

    • 99.9% Accurate
    • Can be done as early as 6 weeks
    • Clinically Proven.
    • Reliable Gender test at 6 week
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    Sneak Peek Early gender + Dating Scan - AED 999

    Early Gender DNA test 6 weeks of pregnancy. With Ultrasound Dating Scan.

    • 99.9% Accurate.
    • Can be performed as early as 6 weeks
    • Ultrasound Dating Scan + Viability scan.
    • Clinically proven Early Gender Test.
    • Reliable | Earliest | Accurate.
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    Accurate baby gender results you can trust.

    Discover your baby’s gender with our reliable Gender Reveal Test in Dubai, providing accurate results and joyful anticipation for expecting parents. Know your baby’s gender earlier with the trusted SneakPeek Early Baby Gender Blood Test. With 99.9% accuracy at 6 weeks, results are available in just 5-7 days. Join over 350,000 satisfied parents and obstetricians who rely on SneakPeek for early gender DNA testing.

    Clinically Proven to be 99.9% Accurate

    Results Guaranteed

    Your Privacy Protected

    Over 350,000 Gender Test Reported

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    Experience the reliable accuracy of SneakPeek, which has been proven to be 99.9% accurate for gender determination as early as 6 weeks into pregnancy, aligned with ultrasound results. Rest assured that if you are currently breastfeeding, it will not impact the accuracy of the SneakPeek test, as it detects male chromosomes in the fetal DNA present in the mother’s blood, unaffected by hormonal changes. Additionally, previous pregnancies with boys will not influence the gender reveal test results, as fetal DNA dissipates from the mother’s bloodstream within 3 days postpartum, ensuring accurate analysis for your current pregnancy.

    Curious how SneakPeek determines your baby’s gender from a blood sample? During pregnancy, the placenta releases fetal DNA into the mother’s bloodstream. SneakPeek specifically tests for male chromosomes in the fetal DNA, which is present in the mother’s blood. Since mothers typically have only female chromosomes, the detection of male chromosomes indicates a baby boy, while the absence of male chromosomes indicates a baby girl.

    • 99.9% accuracy at 6 weeks of pregnancy, Provided Fetus age measured by ultrasound
    • Supported by clinical research
    • Safe for both mother and baby
    • Developed by scientific experts
    Once you have surpassed the 6-week mark of your pregnancy, you can confidently proceed with the early gender DNA test.

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