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Digital Orthopantogram in Dubai

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    Digital Orthopantogram in Dubai

    The Digital Orthopantogram (OPG) service provided by PH Diagnostics in Dubai is an advanced imaging technique used in dentistry to capture panoramic X-ray images of the entire oral and maxillofacial region. It offers a comprehensive view of the teeth, jaws, temporomandibular joints, and surrounding structures in a single image.

    During a Digital OPG, the patient stands or sits while a specialized machine rotates around their head, capturing a continuous X-ray image. The process is quick, comfortable, and non-invasive, with minimal radiation exposure. The resulting panoramic image provides valuable information for dental diagnosis, treatment planning, and monitoring oral health.

    The Digital OPG technology used by PH Diagnostics utilizes digital sensors to capture high-resolution images. These digital images offer several advantages over traditional film-based OPGs, including enhanced image quality, instant availability, and the ability to manipulate and enhance the images for a more detailed analysis.

    The Digital OPG service is essential in various dental applications. It helps in identifying dental abnormalities, such as impacted teeth, dental infections, cysts, and tumors. It aids in evaluating the position and alignment of the teeth, assessing bone density, and detecting any signs of periodontal disease or jaw joint disorders.

    With highly skilled technologists specializing in dental imaging, PH Diagnostics ensures accurate image acquisition. The digital images are carefully examined, and emailed to the referring dentists or specialists for further evaluation and treatment planning.

    The benefits of the Digital OPG service include reduced radiation exposure compared to traditional X-ray techniques, comprehensive visualization of the oral and maxillofacial structures, improved diagnostic accuracy, and efficient communication and collaboration among dental professionals.

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