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    CBCT (3D)

    The CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) 3D service provided by PH Diagnostics in Dubai is an advanced imaging technique that provides detailed and comprehensive three-dimensional images of various structures within the body. It uses a cone-shaped X-ray beam and a specialized detector to capture multiple images from different angles, which are then reconstructed into a 3D model.

    It allows for precise and accurate visualization of the teeth, jawbones, facial bones, sinuses, and temporomandibular joints. This technology provides valuable information for diagnosis, treatment planning, and evaluating the success of various dental and orthodontic procedures.

    During a CBCT scan, the patient is positioned in a seated or standing position, and the imaging system rotates around their head. The scan is quick, comfortable, and non-invasive, requiring minimal radiation exposure compared to traditional CT scans. The resulting 3D images offer a comprehensive view of the dental and facial structures from multiple angles, allowing for a more thorough assessment.

    The CBCT 3D service at PH Diagnostics is performed by experienced radiologists and technicians who specialize in dental imaging. They ensure that the scan is conducted with precision and accuracy, following strict safety protocols. The images are then interpreted by skilled professionals who provide detailed reports and collaborate with referring dentists and specialists to aid in treatment planning.

    The benefits of the CBCT 3D service include improved visualization of anatomical structures, precise measurement of bone density and dimensions, identification of abnormalities or pathologies, assessment of dental implants and their position, evaluation of impacted teeth, and diagnosis of dental and maxillofacial conditions.

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